Bart Moeyaert


Bart Moeyaert (b. 1964) is considered one of the most important contemporary authors of the Dutch language. His readership comprises both adolescents and adults, and he wishes to make no distinction between them. He is able to render wonderful, often sensual stories in such lucid language as to be eminently accessible to children while at the same time there is still ample scope for discovery for adults.

Moeyaert made his literary debut at a very young age with the autobiographical Duet met valse noten (Duet of False Notes, 1983), a teenage novel, which subsequently has been translated in German, Japanese and Catalonian. The novel was awarded the prize for the best book of the year by the Children- and Youth Jury. It became a bestseller, and was turned into a play and a musical. Since his debut, Moeyaert has received innumerable awards and prizes on a national and international level for his work, which was also widely translated. Besides novels, short stories and poetry, Moeyaert also writes plays and scenarios. He himself has translated literary work from German, French and English. In 2006 and 2007, Moeyaert was the official poet of the city of Antwerp, where he currently lives. He is a brilliant storyteller and enjoys participating in theatrical, musical adaptations of his work on stage.



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