Koen Peeters


Koen Peeters (b. 1959) is the author of an increasingly impressive oeuvre to which he has added several novels since his debut Conversaties met K. (Conversations with K.) in 1988. For many years he has been editor of the oldest literary magazine in Flanders, Dietsche Warande & Belfort. Peeters is a member of Passa Porta's Echo Chamber. His work is published by the literary publisher De Bezige Bij.

His novel Grote Europese Roman (2007) was shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize and the Golden Owl. It has been translated so far into Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Bulgarian. In this uncommonly rich and subtle novel, the main characters reflect both the old continent's weariness and its determination to live.

In Duizend heuvels (2012) he portrays the Rwandan people and culture and the 1994 genocide from five different angles. In 2013 this book was awarded the Dutch E. du Perron Prize. At the end of 2014 the novella Miavoye will be published, a joint work with Pascal Verbeken and Koen Broucke. They explore the place in the Ardennes where Paul van Ostaijen died his lonely death.  

Koen Peeters' recognizable style has secured his extraordinary reputation in the world of Dutch-language literature. Peeters deals with themes such as identity, fame and mortality, and the attempts writers make to gain insight into nature and how it functions. With a typically Belgian absurdism, he brings together the most improbable subjects in his literary constructs.

During his stay at Het Lijsternest, Peeters delved into the life and work of Stijn Streuvels. He engaged in a conversation with Bart Janssen about their experiences with Streuvels' work and their stay at Het Lijsternest. 


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