Myriam Beaudoin


Myriam Beaudoin (Sherbrooke, 1976) is of Canadian origin but spent her childhood in Rwanda and Mali. She later spent some time in Brazil, where she taught English to the children of fishermen. Back in Canada, she obtained an MA in French literature. In 2003 she made her authorial debut with Un petit bruit sec. With her novel Hadassa (2006) she became a winner of the ‘Prix littéraire des collégiens'. In this novel she strikingly describes the community of Hasidic Jews in Montréal.
She currently teaches French at the Villa-Maria College in Montréal.

During her stay in Vollezele she will be putting the finishing touches to a novel in which she tells the story of a depressive character who goes on a journey to Mali, where she comes to terms with himself.

Brief bibliography

Hadassa (novel, Leméac, 2006) Un petit bruit sec (novel, Les éditions Triptyque, 2003)




Authors' text

Wordt verwacht.

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