Firat Ceweri


Firat Cewerî (1959), who lives in Sweden, is currently one of the most popular Kurdish writers. He was born in Dêrika Çiyayê Mazî to the south of Northern Kurdistan, and moved with his family to Nisêbîn on the Syrian border in the early seventies. In his early years he sympathised with the Kurdish liberation movement. He settled in Sweden in the early eighties in order to write in total freedom. He founded the magazine Nûdem (1992-2002), which brought lots of new talent into Kurdish literature. One of Cewerî's best-known stories, Kevoka Spî ("The White Dove"), on the issue of honour-related violence, is currently being adapted for a feature film. In addition to being a writer, translator and publisher, Cewerî has also worked as a teacher, a reader at Stockholm Library and an advisor on the literature of ethnic minorities.

Residence in association with the Kurdish Institute in Brussels.


Authors' text

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