Marian Boyer


Marian Boyer (Amsterdam, 1954) writes novels, plays and stories. Her debut novel Het engelentransport appeared in 2001. This remarkable book, with a young main character who is both disorienting and touching in equal measure, was nominated for the G.J. Lubberhuizen/Marten Toonder Prize and the Vrouw & Culture debut prize. Boyer's battle with cancer is the inspiration behind Fantastisch lichaam (2005), in which the division between being sick and healthy in modern society plays an important part. Her third book, Een kleine storm (2009), is a collection of stories in which she describes seemingly unremarkable lives that become gradually interwoven with one another. During her residency in Villa Hellebosch in September 2009, she began work on her fourth publication, a novel-in-stories which is related to Een kleine storm.

Villa Hellebosch
7.09.09 > 27.09.09

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