Gábor Schein


Gábor Schein (Budapest, 1969) is a lecturer in Hungarian and German literature and poet, essayist and prose author. He made his debut as a writer in 1991 with the poetry collection Szavak emlékzete. This was then followed by seven more collections of poems and three monographs on poetry. His first novel follows the story of a twentieth-century Jewish family through the re-reading and re-writing of the biblical Mordecháj könyve (2002). His second novel, Lázár (2004), focuses on father-and-son relationships. In 2008, he published his work for the theatre (A herceg álma). He has received many awards, including the Radnóti Miklós Award, the Hungarian Pulitzer Award, the Szép Ernó Award, Book of the Year 2004 and the Jószef Attila Award. During his stay in Belgium he put the finishing touches to a new novel which was published in December 2009 and which is set partly in Flanders and Brussels.

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