Su Tong


Su Tong (Jiangsu Province, 1963) is one of China's most important writers. In his unique style, he appropriates the history of his country. Su Tong became known internationally through the film version of his novel Wives and Concubines (Raise the Red Lantern, 1991, directed by Zhang Yimou). The rural China of the 1930s provides a background of poverty, prostitution and drug addiction. A major theme in Su Tong's sizeable oeuvre is the exploration of power mechanisms. His residency tied in with the international Europalia China festival. On 25th October 2009 he was a guest at the Passa Porta house of literature for a discussion of his work with his translator and China specialist Mark Leenhouts. Shortly after his working visit, on 16th November, Su Tong received the Man Asian Prize for his new novel The Boat of Redemption.

Villa Hellebosch
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