Agata Tuszynska


The Polish writer Agata Tuszyñska has been successful in a broad range of literary genres: poetry, reportage, documentary historical works, and biographies that consistently reach bestseller status in her native country. Her work has been published internationally to critical applause, including France and the United States, and has been adapted to the stage. During the last ten years, she has written extensively on Polish Jews and on Polish-Jewish relations, adding her sensitive and thoughtful voice to the often heated discourse.

Lost Landscapes, a personal search for the traces of Isaac Bashevis Singer and the Jews of Poland, published in the U.S. in 1998, brought the author excellent reviews in major English-language media, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The London Times. She was praised for combining her moving, impressionistic writing style with authoritative research, conducted in Poland, US, France and Israel.

Les Disciples de Schulz, a series of essays on Polish Jews and Polish-Jewish relations, published in France in 2001, met with a similarly positive response from the critics and readers alike. Her biography of Singer, which appeared in France a year later, solidified Tuszyñska's stature as a writer and as a specialist in contemporary Polish-Jewish relations.

Born in Warsaw, Agata Tuszyñska attended the Academy of Drama and Theatrical Arts there, graduating with a Master of Arts degree in History of Drama. She started publishing in 1977, contributing regularly to Poland's leading cultural magazines, writing primarily about theatre and drama. For her scholarly work at the Institute of Arts of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Tuszyñska received a Ph.D. in humanities. A Fulbright Foundation Fellow, a member of the Polish Writers Union and the Association of Drama Writers and Composers in Warsaw, Tuszyñska is a recipient of the Polish PEN prize for outstanding achievements in the field of reportage and nonfiction writing.

In addition to her work as a historian and non-fiction writer, Tuszyñska is a poet, with six poetry collections to her credit. Among other languages, her poems have been translated into English, French, Hebrew and Spanish.

Agata Tuszyñska has completed A Family History of Fear, a personal non-fiction book, published in Poland in March 2005. A French edition was published by Grasset in Paris in September 2006. and was shortlisted for the Prix Medicis in France. Knopff in New York is planning to release it in the Fall of 2010.

Lessons of Loss - a story about her husband's terminal illness and death was published in October 2007 in Poland and Fall 2009 in Paris (Exercices de la perte, Grasset).


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