Kurt Brown


Kurt Brown (1944) is an American poet and poetry translator. He was born in Brooklyn in New York and grew up on Long Island and in Connecticut where he attended Connecticut University. He founded the Aspen Writer's Conference and edited the Aspen Anthology. His poems have appeared in Ontario Review, Massachusetts Review, Crazyhorse and Southern Poetry Review. Brown has already published five collections of poetry and a number of chapbooks. His first book of poems is called Return of the Prodigals (1999). He had already visited Belgium in the past and was in touch with the renowned Flemish writers Kristien Hemmerechts and Herman de Coninck. Together with his Belgian wife Laure-Anne Bosselaar, he translated an extensive selection of work by De Coninck, entitled The Plural of Happiness: Selected Poems of Herman de Coninck (2006).

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