Maritta Lintunen


Maritta Lintunen is a trained musician and she started her writing career with poems in 1998. Two collections of poems have already been published by WSOY: "Liekkikupolit" (The Dome of Flames) in 1999 and "Valaistut talot" (The Lightened Houses) in 2005. Besides poems, she has published novels and short stories. Her novel "Sukukaktus" (The Family Cactus") was published in 2003; in 2006 a collection of short stories was published with the book "Ovisilmä" (The Peephole). In autumn 2009 her latest novel "Heijastus" (The Reverberation) was released. Maritta Lintunen has been nominated for several Finnish literature awards since 1999.

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