Sibila Petlevski


Sibila Petlevski (1964) is a Croatian novelist, poet, playwright, performer, theatre scholar, editor and translator. Having published over twenty books in diverse genres, she is also a nationally and internationally anthologized author. Some of her sonnets originally written in English appeared in Douglas Messerli's anthology of world authors 50: A Celebration of Sun & Moon Classics (Sun & Moon Press, Los Angeles, 1995). Her poetry, drama and extracts from her fiction have been translated into numerous languages.
Born in Zagreb, she graduated from the University of Zagreb's Faculty of Philosophy where she earned her MA and PhD. She is currently a professor at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. Petlevski writes in Croatian and English and is the managing editor of the literary journal Republika. She is a member of the International PEN - serving two mandates on the International PEN Board (2002-2007) - and the Association of the Women of the Mediterranean Region. She received the Croatian Vladimir Nazor Annual National Prize for Literature and Arts (1993).


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