Noémi Szécsi


Noémie Szécsi (1976) is a young and very successful Hungarian writer. Her 2002 debut novel, Finnugor vámpír (Finno-Ugrian Vampire) is a parody combining elements of the Künstlerroman, the Bildungsroman and literary vampire traditions. In her second novel, she uses the story of the Count of Monte-Cristo to tell the story of Hungarian communism. Kommunista Monte Cristo (Communist Monte Cristo, 2006) was lauded by the Hungarian critics and public and earned Szécsi one of the 2009 European Union Prizes for Literature. It is currently being translated into several languages. Also in 2009, Szécsi published Utolsó kentaur (Last Centaur), a portrait of present-day anarchists. During her residency in Brussels, Noémie Szécsi worked on her fourth novel, which was published in 2011 as Nyughatatlanok (The Restless). Partly set in Brussels, it is a historical novel about nineteenth-century Hungarian migrants spreading across Europe after the '48-'49 revolutions.
The author's other works include A kismama naplója (A Mother's Diary, 2003) and its sequel, A Kisbaba naplója (The Memoir of the Baby, 2004), based on the her blogs about motherhood.

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