Katja Lange-Müller


Katja Lange-Müller (Berlin, 1951) lives and works in Berlin. She is one of the most important German authors. For a short time she worked as a typesetter and a psychiatric nurse until, in 1979, she was admitted to the Johannes R. Becher Literature Institute in Leipzig. In 1986 she made her debut with Wehleid - Wie im leben, for which she won the Ingeborg Bachman Prize. This was later followed by Kasper Mauser - die Feigheit vorm Freund (1988) and the two-part story Verfrühte Tierliebe (1995), which won both the Alfred Döblin Prize and the Roswitha Prize.

On Friday 10th October she will be presenting her new novel Wilde Schapen at Passa Porta, translated into Dutch by Els Snick and published by De Arbeiderspers. In this novel, with an irresistible blend of gentle melancholy and humour, she describes a love story that takes place in West Germany just before the fall of the Wall. No less than 50,000 copies of this successful novel were sold in Germany and in 2007 it was nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Buchpreis (under its German title, Böse Schafe).

Brief bibliography:
Böse Schafe, (novel, 2007), Die Enten, die Frauen und die Wahrheit (novel, 2003), Vom Fisch bespuckt. (stories, 2002), Verfrühte Tierliebe(novel, 1995) Kasper Mauser - Die Feigheit vorm Freund (novel, 1988).



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