Finn Iunker


The Norwegian author Finn Iunker (1969) is primarily known for his work as a playwright (The Answering Machine, Dealing with Helen, Iphigeneia) and his projects with Flemish theatre companies such as SkaGeN and De Roovers. At the beginning of 2006 he received the prestigious Ibsen Prize in his home country. Iunker is also a talented prose writer. During his residency he focused on a large prose project as a follow-up to his minimalistic short-story collections Ventiler (1995) and Fortellinger (2006).



The Dutch translation of the text Finn Iunker wrote about his residency is anthologised in Aankomen in Brussel. Schrijvers op bezoek (Het beschrijf & Uitgeverij Vrijdag, 2008), available in the Passa Porta Bookshop.

Villa Hellebosch
6.11.06 > 21.12.06

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