Ales Steger


Aleš Šteger (Ptuj, 1973) is considered one of the most important contemporary Eastern-European authors. Born in the former Yugoslavia, he studied German and comparative literature in Ljubljana, where he still lives. He is a writer of poetry and prose, and also a critic, editor, translator and the founder of the international poetry festival in Medana. His work is an exploration of boundaries; not only of his native country, but also of literature, genre and art. He has published poetry, short stories, essays and a fictional travelogue. He has received numerous awards and is the most translated Slovene author of his generation. His poems have appeared in such prestigious journals and magazines as the Boston Review, the Times Literary Supplement and The New Yorker. The Book of Things, the award-winning English translation of his fourth volume of poetry, is available from BOA Editions (2010).


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