Nikola Madzirov


Nikola Madzirov (1973) is a Macedonian poet, essayist and literary translator.  For his first collection of poems Locked in the City (1999), he was given the Studentski Zbor Award for the best debut, and with Somewhere Nowhere (1999), he won the Aco Karamanov prize. For his poetry collection, Relocated Stone (2007), he received the Hubert Burda European Poetry Award for authors born in East Europe, and the most prestigious Macedonian poetry prize Miladinov Brothers. His work has been translated into thirty languages.

Madzirov has participated at many international literary festivals and events in the US, Latin America, and Europe and has received several international awards and fellowships. He is also one of the coordinators of the world poetry network Lyrikline. The Berlin International Literature Festival wrote: "Madzirov's poetry is striking in its lightness. It plays with everyday objects, deconstructing their self-evident meanings and associations in order to question established thought patterns and explore new sensual worlds." 

Based on his poetry, two short films were shot in Bulgaria and Croatia. The contemporary jazz composer and collaborator of Björk and Lou Reed, Oliver Lake, has composed music based on Madzirov's poems, which was performed at the Jazz-Poetry Concert in Pittsburgh in 2008.

Nikola Madzirov about his stay in Brussels: “I will use words to discover the face/facade of the city. I will record the sounds of the markets, fountains, graves, and make essays, notes, poems out of them. I will make the sounds visible and turn them again into sounds while reading loudly the printed texts in languages that are next to each other only in wars. I will visit the elevators – the kingdoms of silence and confront the loudness of the Brussels nights, since silence and darkness are the two halves of the core of the universal code of understanding – in silence all sounds are equal, in the darkness all buildings are the same.”

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