Johanna Spaey


Johanna Spaey (b. 1966) studied Assyriology and philosophy in Leuven and Leiden. Currently she is working as a freelance editor, book reviewer, copywriter and journalist.

Spaey made her debut in 2005 with Dood van een soldaat (Manteau)This literary thriller about World War I received the Golden Noose Award in Flanders and the Hercule Poirot Prize in the Netherlands. The same theme plays a central role in her other work. Together with the painter Gerolf Van de Perre, she created the graphic novel Gewonde stad (2014, De Bezige Bij, Antwerp), and wrote the non-fiction book for the TV series Ten Oorlog (2013, De Bezige Bij, Antwerp, in collaboration with VRT-één). Johanna Spaey also regularly publishes essays and short stories in literary magazines and gives workshops in creative writing.

Johanne Spaey was the first resident at Het Lijsternest in the season of 2017-2018. She also stayed there in 2015.

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