Luuk Gruwez


Luuk Gruwez (b. 1953) is a Flemish poet, essayist and prose writer. He studied Germanic languages at the University of Leuven and later worked as an art teacher. Since the early 80s Gruwez is a full-time writer. He also regularly publishes columns in De Standaard and De Morgen newspapers. His work is published by the literary publisher De Arbeiderspers.

Luuk Gruwez made his breakthrough in 1985 with his collection of poems De feestelijke verliezer (Manteau). The subsequent poems, and later also his prose, were well received. Gruwez' awards include the Herman de Coninck Public Prize and the Poetry Day Prize. Some of his poems have been translated into Afrikaans, Spanish and French, and were included in the prestigious Dikke Komrij, an anthology of Dutch-language poetry from the 19th to the 21st century. This makes Gruwez' work among the most widely anthologised in the Dutch language area.  

In his work, Luuk Gruwez focuses a great deal on the ‘profound feelings' concerning life, love, transience and death, though they are invariably linked to a characteristic dose of (self)irony. The writer also allows his own life to influence his work, as is evident in the autobiographical elements in Krombeke retour/Deerlijk retour (2011). In his latest collection of poems, Wijvenheide (2012), he transforms his style into a more narrative form of poetry.  

By staying at Het Lijsternest, Luuk Gruwez will be returning to his roots. The author grew up in West Flanders, seven kilometres from Ingooigem, but later moved to Hasselt. He hopes that a temporary return will help him to reflect on human origins, the theme of his new work.  


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