Samar Yazbek


Samar Yazbek (b. 1970) is a Syrian journalist and writer of novels, short stories and screenplays for film and television. As editor of the ezine Women of Syria, Yazbek is a prominent voice in the debate on human rights and women in Syria.

She made her debut in 2002 with Tiflat as-Sama (Heavenly Girl), a provocative book about taboos in current Syrian society. Her overt opposition to the Assad regime regularly features in her work. She has often been lauded for this - she for example received the PEN/Pinter International Writer of Courage Prize, but it has also forced her to leave her country.

In 2010 the HAY Festival and Banipal Magazine selected her for Beirut39, as one of the 39 most promising Arab writers under the age of 40. Her latest work, A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution (2012), is an account of the first five months of the revolution in Syria.

In May 2015 Yazbek will be spending a month in the writers' flat at the Hallepoort in Sint-Gillis. 


Photo © Manaf Azzam 

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