Peter Orner


Peter Orner (b. 1968) is an American author of fiction and non-fiction. His writing has been published in the New York Times, the Paris Review and the Best American Stories anthology. Orner regularly teaches creative writing courses at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, and is a professor at San Francisco State University.

Orner's first book, the collection Esther Stories (2001), was translated into French, Italian, and Portuguese and crowned with the Goldberg Prize for Jewish Fiction. The Second Coming of Mavala Shikingo followed in 2006. This novel is set in Namibia, where Orner lived in the 1990s. The Dutch translation, De terugkeer van Mavala Shikingo, was published by Atlas Contact in 2009. Orner's second novel Love and Shame and Love (2011) was illustrated by his brother Eric Orner, a well known cartoonist and illustrator.

Orner has also written two non-fiction books based on oral narratives of human rights violations in different parts of the world. His most recent work is the short story collection Last Car over the Sagamore Bridge (2014).

His books are noteworthy for their autobiographical nature and the externalization of inner monologues. Orner has a unique talent for transforming life's small, mundane details into gripping stories.

During his residence in Brussels, he will be working on the manuscript of a new non-fiction book about Namibia, focusing on the genocide of 1901 and the social changes since independence in 1990.


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