Geert Six


Geert Six (1966) is a Flemish writer, theatre director and actor. He worked for Theater Antigone in Kortrijk for some time before founding De Unie der Zorgelozen in 1996. As artistic director of this socially engaged company, Six creates popular theatre with familiar themes.

Six has written and directed thirty plays, with scenes from the everyday lives of ordinary people wrestling with the world. These universal, earthy, unembellished tales are presented in a skilful blend of standard and vernacular dialects. Six won critical acclaim at Theater Aan Zee, and in the spring of 2015 he was awarded the Province of West Flanders' Literature Prize for Alain, a nostalgic critique of society as seen through the eyes of a man pondering the meaning of life.

During his time at Het Lijsternest Six will be working on an adaptation of Stijn Streuvels' oeuvre to make it more accessible to the contemporary reader.  


Photo © Tom Houtman  


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