Koen D'haene


Koen D'haene (1964) is a Flemish children's author and magazine editor. He teaches library and information science and is a staff member of the library of Wevelgem, where he organizes reading projects and exhibitions.

D'haene has been an avid reader all his life. In 2000 he published his first novel for young readers, De hel in New York (Hell in New York, Davidsfonds/Infodok), a hard-hitting story about street children in deprived neighbourhoods of the Bronx. His later novels include De oversteek (The Crossing, Davidsfonds/Infodok, 2009), Een hoofd vol rommel (A Head Filled with Clutter) and De Eenhoorn (The Unicorn, 2013). For the Day of the Children's Book (Kinderboekendag) in 2015 D'haene published De plannetjes van papa (Father's plans). He has won prizes for his work from the Children's and Young Readers' Jury (Kinder- en Jeugdjury ) and De Kleine Cervantes (2002).  

D'haene is also active in the world of theatre. His first two children's novels have been adapted for and performed on stage. His play Mensen in uniform (People in Uniform), a series of scenes from the beginning of the First World War, was published in early 2014.  

At Het Lijsternest Koen D'haene will be working on a project relating to the First World War, and on a historical novel about religious conflict for young readers. 


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