Tom Kenis


Tom Kenis (1977) is a Flemish writer, journalist and translator with a background in Islamic studies and international affairs. He spent five years working in the Middle East and Berlin, and is currently based in Brussels.

Kenis writes articles for *MO on the Middle East and democracy, and technology and renewable energy. In 2010 he published Sinai (privately printed, in English), a tongue-in-cheek thriller set in turbulent Egypt after the fall of Mubarak. His second novel, De kansmachine (2014, Manteau) is an up-to-the-minute spy thriller about changing human behaviour and the reliability of our powers of observation. Kenis' third novel, inspired by his travels through Mexico, will be published shortly.

Tom Kenis hopes to find inspiration for his work during his residency at Het Lijsternest.

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About his work:

  • 'If I were a Flemish publisher, I would keep an eye on Kenis to see what the future holds in store for this writer with distinctly un-Flemish interests and ambitions.‘ - Michaël Bellon on Sinai, in Brussel Deze Week (Brussels This Week - Brussels' weekly newspaper) 


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