CĂ©line Huyghebaert


Céline Huyghebaert is a writer and artist from Québec. She studied literature and creative writing and holds a master's degree in the arts. She lives and works in Montréal, where she teaches creative writing and does research at the University of Québec.

Huyghebaert publishes novellas and literary collages and writes artist's books, fanzines and reviews of art and literature. Several of her multidisciplinary installations, which combine collage, drawing and printmaking, have been exhibited in Montréal and Paris. In her most recent solo show, Hop, la vie dans le sac (Hup, Life in the Bag; 2014-2015), Huyghebaert devotes attention to details of everyday life in a minimalist style, exploring the silences and empty spaces that never go down in history. This exhibition also showcases her interest in writing and narratology.

During her residence in Brussels, Huyghebaert will work on Le Drap Blanc, a multimedia project inspired by the little her father left behind after his death. The project is a reflection on recording what is being lost, on the creation of fake vintage, and on the human urge to document everything.  

Céline Huyghebaert will stay in Brussels in January and February 2016 as part of an exchange programme between Passa Porta and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec


Photo © Marie-Claude Fournier 

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