Michal Hvorecky


Michal Hvorecky (Bratislava, 1976) has for some time now been known as the spokesperson for the new generation of Slovak writers. For Hvorecky, the true role of an artist is to provide aesthetic resistance against a society in which mass and media consumption degrades history into a mishmash of meaningless symbols. He attempts to reconcile the existential dimension of literature with the unavoidable commercialisation of word and image in Central Europe. Hvorecky made his debut with a volume of poetry in 1998 while still a student of art history, followed two years later by a collection of fantasy stories. He published his first novel, Posledny hit, in 2003. In the spring of 2005, his play Plush was performed at the Na Zabradli theatre in Prague.


Authors' text

Wordt verwacht.

Villa Hellebosch
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