Andrei Ivanov


Andrei Ivanov (b. 1971) is an Estonian writer. After studying Russian philology at Tallinn University, he worked as a teacher and held several other jobs. For many years, Ivanov lived in Scandinavia, in a Danish refugee camp and a hippie community. He now lives and works in Tallinn.

Ivanov writes novels and short stories and is seen as a major voice in contemporary Russian-language literature. He debuted in 2009 with Путешествие Ханумана на Лолланд (Hanuman's Journey to Lolland; Avenarius), a semi-autobiographical novel based on his experiences in a Danish refugee camp. This modern-day picaresque novel is the first book in Ivanov's so-called Scandinavian trilogy, which also includes Бизар (Bizarre; Рипол Классик, 2014) and Исповедь лунатика (Confessions of a Lunatic; Авенариуc, 2014).  

Some recurring themes in Ivanov's work are identity, culture, and alienation at the intersection of national cultures. He has been praised for his fresh way of looking at everyday phenomena and presenting complex contrasts. His work has been translated into Estonian and German and has received several literary prizes, including the prestigious NOS Russian Literary Award in 2014. Ivanov has also been nominated twice for the Russian Booker Prize.  

Andrei Ivanov will stay in Brussels as a writer-in-residence in June 2016. His residency is part of the two-year exchange programme between Passa Porta and the Estonian Literature Centre.

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