Ricardo Domeneck


Ricardo Domeneck (b. 1977 in São Paulo) is one of the most exciting and versatile new voices in Brazilian poetry. Besides having published six poetry collections and two chapbooks, he is also active as a critic, translator and visual artist. Since 2002 Domeneck has lived and worked in Berlin, where he cofounded Gully Havoc, a multidisciplinary artists' collective that organizes weekly lectures, live acts and performances.

The difficult relationship with his homeland Brazil and the male body form the core of his work. He explores the body and its relation to the world in a profoundly philosophical style. In his powerful, universal poetry, he combines the political with the personal, philosophy and history with mundane worries and different cultural registers from pop to poetry.

Among other languages, his poems have been translated into German, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Slovene.

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