Gaea Schoeters


Gaea Schoeters (b. 1976) is a Flemish author, scriptwriter and journalist. She graduated as an English-Spanish-Chinese interpreter before studying journalism at Vlekho and scriptwriting at RITCS. Today she writes about culture, film and literature for De Standaard and regularly publishes columns and opinion pieces. In 2012 Gaea Schoeters won the Grote Prijs Jan Wauters, a language prize awarded by the VRT for her outstanding and creative use of language.

In 2008 Schoeters published Meisjes, Moslims & Motoren (Uitgeverij Roularta), a non-fiction book about a seven-month motorbike journey across 15 Muslim countries, including Iran and Yemen. She debuted as a literary author with the thriller Diggers: Een kleine grote oorlog (Manteau, 2011). In this novel, about a longing for something that no longer exists and the implications of a single act of stupidity, the history of Flanders Fields occupies centre stage.

Her most recent work is De kunst van het vallen (De Bezige Bij, 2014), a novel about the imability to love uninhibitedly, and the refusal to accept that. The book is the first part of a trilogy about great and small passions.

Besides novels, Gaea Schoeters often regularly writes scripts for TV series, (short) films and operas. In 2015 she wrote the script for the opera Private View, which won the Rolf Liebermann Prize for Opera.

In 2017 she spent a month at the Literarisches Colloquium in Berlin and in January 2018 she stayed at Het Lijsternest for two weeks.

Learn more about the author on her website.  


Press reviews: - ‘An ambitious and daring novel about a scorching love' - De Tijd on De kunst van het vallen - ‘Schoeters writes like a painter, impressionistic and baroque.' Knack Focus on Diggers 



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