passa porta flat - brussels


Capacity: 1 author
Length of stay: 4 to 8 weeks
Availability: 44 weeks per year

In Brussels, the author in residence has the use of an apartment located just round the corner from the Passa Porta House of Literature. This charming flat opens onto the picturesque Old Grain Market. It's positioned in the heart of Brussels, within walking distance of the Grand Place and Central Station, in the midst of a pleasant quarter with quiet plazas, good restaurants, cafés and shops.

The 90 m2 apartment includes a living and working room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. It is equipped with internet, a printer and a television. A telephone is available at the resident's expense. In the immediate vicinity of the apartment all modes of public transport are readily accessible (metro, tram, train, bus).

Learn here how foreign authors can apply for a residence.


"It was a short journey that took me a great distance: into a favourite city, waiting to be explored at the end of each day's work; into a three-lined square whose roofline is still imprinted on my memory; into a large and luminous apartment, simple and tasteful, at once both anonymous and my own. I wrote there eagerly and easily - everything contributing to a sense of contained excitement. It was a pleasure but also a privilege to be the guest of an organisation so truly devoted to the great and vital conversation between different countries and different cultures."
Alan Hollinghurst


"Je me souviens de Passa Porta un dimanche de soleil à Bruxelles, l'ombre fraîche dans le long couloir qui mène aux livres, aux auteurs, aux discussions, à la lumière."
Jean-Philippe Toussaint