passa porta workspace - brussels



Authors can rent two pleasant workrooms at Passa Porta, the international house of literature in the centre of Brussels. In Workspace 1 authors can only work during the day. In Workspace 2 authors can work during the day and stay overnight.

The rooms are let throughout the year, except during the Christmas holidays and from 15 July to 15 August. For stays without overnight accommodation (during office hours), the rental is €50 per week (all charges included). If the stay includes overnight accommodation (from Monday to Friday afternoon), the rental is €150 per week (all charges included).

Authors of all literary genres are welcome. We accept applications from writers with at least one literary work published by a professional publisher (for playwrights: at least one work performed by a professional theatre company, for screenwriters: at least one scenario of a released film). Authors are accepted on a first come, first served basis, and undertake to treat the infrastructure provided and the surroundings with due respect.

Reservations can be made throughout the year by mailing us at

More information about a stay in Workspace 1 or 2 here.